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How it Works

VRITIMES is a platform that connects your
Press Releases and media journalists.

You can simply post your Press Release with categories, and then we will distribute it to the related journalists.

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How it Works Create Your Press Release

Let’s get big exposure for your Press Release by signing up and creating your account. Then you can easily create your Press Release within the 3 steps below.

Fulfill the information following your Press Release content.


Select Tags

We’ll distribute your Press Release based on your chosen tags since journalists also select it at their desks.

Publish & Spread

Post your Press Release so VRITIMES will publish and spread to many media for their articles.

Manage and Analysis
Your Press Release

You can manage your press release that has already been posted. You can preview, edit, and delete it here. Also, check the report, which help you to improve your next Press Release.

More Page Views and Publication

Many media are ready to receive your Press Release

Your Press Release will be shown to many audiences in Asia

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