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At VRITIMES, our diverse team of experts collaboratively drives our mission in the press release sector. We're committed to delivering a seamless experience, reliable information, and a cutting-edge platform for your communication needs. Meet the people who make it all happen.

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Yuiichiro Sasaki


He began with a pivotal role at Sumitomo Corporation, mastering the intricacies of fundraising, M&A, and risk evaluations. From successfully launching two businesses in Southeast Asia to steering the helm as the Country Director for Indonesia at RevComm, he now drives our entire strategic planning and financing with unmatched expertise.


Kosaku Adachi


With a rich background as a Creative Director at an advertising agency and leading marketing initiatives at a B2B company, he excels in bridging strategy with impeccable creative quality. Now at the helm of our marketing and branding endeavors, he seamlessly steers both strategy and creativity.


Ferry Bayu Nirwono


He has a decade-long journey in leading diverse teams and executing growth strategies in the vibrant and challenging terrains of startup environments. With his proficiency in leadership and strategic planning, he is now entrusted with overseeing the company’s strategy and operations, ensuring meticulous alignment with its mission and goals.


Hiroshi Imamasu


Beginning with a solid foundation in NLP R&D and subsequently diving deep into the world of large-scale distributed data processing in marketing, he has showcased his prowess both as a software engineer and a product manager. Armed with expertise in data-oriented architecture and design, he now oversees our entire technology strategy.


Yuya Furui


He launched his career in financial system development at Simplex Inc. and further honed his skills managing engineering teams, notably as a Vice President of Engineering with a specialty in front-end engineering. Now, with a keen eye for feature updates and improvements, he oversees all dimensions of our product.


Febrianka Putri

Marketing Manager

She has refined her skills in business development at renowned multinationals, focusing on B2C markets, and has expanded her proficiency in B2B sales and marketing in startup settings. She brings robust leadership and extensive experience in managing diverse team while overseeing all event management and marketing strategies to elevate our brand’s visibility and awareness.


Manaya Sasaki

Backend Engineer

With a foundation of three years at a startup developing ETL and security products, he wore multiple hats, notably managing teams while excelling as an infrastructure and backend engineer. Now, he brings his expertise in ensuring the optimal design and seamless implementation of our entire backend infrastructure.


Gradyna Zaynett

Marketing Communication Lead

She is the creative mind behind our engaging and innovative online presence, blending comprehensive insights and compelling content to enhance brand presence and engagement across various platforms. Her responsibility is crucial in strategically managing and executing our social media initiatives, aligning them meticulously with the company's objectives.


Ray Miya


With a keen eye for user interface and user experience, she seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Beyond design, her skillset extends to crafting captivating illustrations and artwork, enriching our brand's visual identity.

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